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Hey everyone! Many apologies for the lack of updates of late but I am very busy prepping the Fall/Winter 2017 titles for launch! In the between time I am releasing preview chapters of the upcoming works as well as samples from the already released cyberpunk thriller ANIMUS PROXY , volume 1. You can read that sample directly on DEMAGAGA.COM at the following link: As always let me know what you think if you have not already had the chance to read ANIMUS PROXY , volume 1. Of course the upcoming release of Blade Runner 2049 is heavy on my mind as I fine tune the upcoming release in the ANIMUS PROXY series but I am certain fans will enjoy what I have made. More updates coming soon!
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Cyberpunk music for you to listen to while you read my debut science fiction novel, ANIMUS PROXY

One of the best parts about being a cyberpunk, indie science-fiction author is that you can draw upon a huge range of influences to put into your work. My debut book, volume 1 of ANIMUS PROXY ( AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON ), evidences a lot of the impact various pop culture and artistic movements have had on my writing. I pay particular attention to music throughout the eras as well as architecture, both ancient and modern, and how the architecture of Shintoh New Capital City reflects the relative prosperity or poverty of its inhabitants - much like today but on a larger, more existential scale. In Shintoh, the citizens can feel their insignificance, living below the Echelon in the undersprawl, while those above carry with them a god-like belief in the power of their individuality and their visions to transform society and the world around them. One side, armed with endless poverty, finds itself helpless to shape the world around it while the other, laden with infinite power, seeks

Launching my blogger, the SHINTOH NEW CAPITAL CITY TIMES

Hello blogger readers, I'm indie science fiction and fantasy author Kehl Bayern. You can check out my debut cyberpunk novel, volume of ANIMUS PROXY , by clicking here . I hope to fill this space with some random musings, maybe even a sample or two of future work, published or unpublished, as well as sharing some inspirations behind my work. I am also the editor of DEMAGAGA , a news, video games, music, movies, and books-focused website. You can check it out by clicking here or following one of the social media accounts below. You can follow my career on Twitter  @KehlBayern or on Facebook page Kehl Bayern . I am currently running a fundraiser to get money going for the publication of the other books on my 2017 schedule. You can check out TAKAMAHARA 's GoFundMe page by clicking here . SCHEDULE OF PUBLICATION:  1. Animus Proxy - AVAILABLE NOW 2. Winternight in Boston - March 2017 (Zombies :) 3. Animus Proxy Prolegomenon - April 2017 (Sci Fi Novel